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Winners of Bababoom band contest in 2016, will be one of three bands present Saturday, July 22 on the Main Stage.

Babalu is a group that comes to power in the summer of 2009 on the basis of a project that aims at the continuous fusion of sounds, from reggae to hip hop, from roots to dub.

The pieces are arranged and recorded in the home studio "and CasaLunatica Euphonica", but in reality it is in these alchemical worlds that the songs come alive.

The texts are born from the hands of Gianluca Sanza (vocals and dub master), Ramon Perez Batista (vocals and percussion), often starting with a drum groove or simply somewhere guitar chord, and then are arranged with the intake Rocco Sante Sabia (guitar, accordion and vocals), Peppe Russo (low) Giambitti Antonio (drums) and Alessio Guacci (keyboards and programming).

The songs deal with current social issues, sometimes they tell of life lived and often are intimate and profound reflections.

The electronics merger with the acoustic instruments enhances the sound of the band, giving prominence to the rhythm of the bass, the drums and percussion, and this gives a solid support to the metric of the song.

In 2011 Babalu won the award "best text" in the national competition "musicultura" (ex Recanati Prize) with the song "My brother is a Pakistani."

At the end of 2013, with a partial change of formation, it is revolutionizing not only the writing style, abandoning the dialect used in the first work "steady rate", but also the style of music, moving away from the traditional sounds of the south

and inserting, in addition to reggae / dub rhythm, with Latin roots. This materializes in "Sasso" World, the second album released in April 2016, with which the band won the victory of the "Bababoom band contest 2016" in Fermo.

The Babalu project has a purpose, to put in a cauldron, as did the witches and wizards, all the magic ingredients that belong to the music. From reggae / dub rhythms with electronic sounds of dub step up to the hip hop metrics.

A real magic potion, rich in elements, word and sound.

The lyrics are inspired by everyday life, the life of the streets of the loves, the children who go on the slide, from pasta dishes, from the simplest things.

A virtual journey through the houses and people, LIFE. Here the word "life", that every day, the one that belongs to each of us, and that day by day manages to surprise us with news reports or a sensational discovery, wealth and poverty, the white and the black.







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