Astarbene the Roman crew ready to animate the Dancehall Area of the Bababoom Festival.


Astarbene. com is a portal dedicated to Reggae and its derivations, born from the idea of breaking the barriers between the public and the artist and a collective of young "upsurfers" who can not stand still, quiet and with their hands in their hands; #ASTARBENE is proposed as a reference point for the Roman massif, becoming the spokesman of the Reggae 360 degrees.In 2015 the project and the radio program "Astarbene The Reggae Radio Show" is born, which after a while wanders streaming on its own site (www Here the idea of a radio reggae is widened and the program comes alive with new formats including "Grazia, Graziella and Grazie al Dub" to offer the public 24 hours of music and information stops enriched with recordings live and #Mixtape Within the collective is strong presence of DJ and MC: Sealow, Maasa B, Compa, Maka, Joel, Ientu and Sperla.Everyone with his attitude and his style has animated several yards between including: El Chiringuito Libre, Intifada, Spin Time Labs , Csoa La Torre, 360 °, Atlantis Inn, Global Village, Seedo Social Place, Csoa La Strada, Rising Love, City of the Other Economy, Zoobar, Brancaleone, Largo Venue, Caffè Forte Braccio, 110 and many others. But #ASTARBENE is much more: it is an eye behind the camera, a microphone that collects interviews backstage, a video camera that immortalizes live concerts, an organization always attentive to the next step and a crew united and in love with Reggae. In the summer of 2016, the young collective turns into #Reggae #Reporters and backpacker and microphone in hand starts to run for festivals: the Bababoom Festival (Fermo, Italy) and the Overjam Iternational Reggae Festival (Tolmin, Slovenia). Here it has the possibility to become what it was always proposed to be: a new look at the Reggae music, where next to the music there is the importance of getting to know the artists and making them known to the massifs. So in front of the cameras of #ASTARBENE you collect the stories and ideas of: Raina from Villa Ada Crew, Tain To Roots, Freddie McGregor, Chino and Stephen Di Genius, Luciano The Messenjah, Richie Stephens, Rankin Lele & Papa Leu, Mellow Mood , Paolo Baldini, Forelock & Arawak, Jah9, Micah Shemaiah, Tarrus Riley, Alborosie, Gentleman, Catch at Fyah, Kabaka Pyramid, Cali P, Earth Beat Movement, Virtus, Dub fx and Mad Professor. In the summer of 2017 is linked to the reality of the Bababoom Festival in Marina Palmense, becoming the radio of the festival and throughout the sixth edition is live from the Beach Yard of the Marche festival.


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