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Michael Exodus, in the company of Ras Divarius at the violin, will be present at Dub Area of the Bababoom Festival on Friday, July 21st.


UK Musician since he was a young boy, he decided in 2005 to do music as a livity. After many band collaborations in many styles, he discovered reggae and dub. Composing for a few years now, preparing releases, he’s looking for his own identity, mixing the different styles which saw him growing and his actual sources. Coming from Irish celtic and classical music, through rock, punk, electro, drum’n’bass, he naturally discovers Reggae, dub and, with a bit of stepper, through Vibronics, Jah Shaka, King Earthquake, Aba Shanti, and French bands like High Tone, Improvisators Dub, Zenzile, Kaly Live dub, and many others. In the past 4 years have come some releases with Ashanti Selah, Michael Exodus, Weeding Dub, Rootical Attack, Blackboard Jungle… and a few stages with Moa Anbessa, Alpha Steppa & Dub Dynasty, Blackboard Jungle, Sunweed Sound System, Weeding Dub, Steppin Forward, Aba Shanti, Iration Steppas, Dub Livity, and so many, in sessions & festivals, such as Reggaebus and Dub Camp


Producer and dub master for his label Dub-O-Matic. His sound is characterized by electronic sounds mixed with the roots reggae and dub, which blend with synthetic rhythms to create a style. Since 2012 he has released three vinyl singles, collaborating with artists such as Ras and Mykha LucaDread. He performed with international artists such as Danny Red, Macka B, Jonah Dan, Iration Steppas, Brother Culture, Idren Natural, Alpha Steppa, Panda Dub, Weeding Dub and Dub Judah and more. He took part of the biggest Italian dub festival, and he was guest of the Amsterdam Weekender on Lidj Shiloh and King Shiloh Sound System. Selecta and operator of the 'I-tal Skank Sound System. He recently released his latest single "Galactica" feat Weeding Dub Format 7". Is out on March the new digital Ep “Another Exodus Featuring Rankin Delgado, Mandelion, Jamma Dim & Dub Harp, With the Official videoclip. His side project "Roots Recycler" deals with classic reprint of Roots Reggae, giving him again new life as the slogan "New life to Roots" It leads two programs on the french web radio Rootslegacy, Dub Molecule which ranges from the UK Dub to more aggressive sound, and Ruff & Tuff conducted with Makeleci, a program more focused on a sound Roots. In his Dub Basement Studio produces and he collaborated with various artists of dub scene in a conscious and militant line against Babylon ..




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