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UNTIL 30/04

UNTIL 18/06

FROM 18/06



The ticket Full ticket and mini include camping pitch.


45 €

60 €

75 €

85 €

100 €


100 €

120 €

135 €

145 €

160 €

Mini ticket Tues.-Wedn.-Thur.



50 €

55 €

60 €

Mini ticket Fri.- Sat.-Sun.



55 €

60 €

70 €

Prices Single Days

Available from 31 May!


N.B. The area on the beach is free to access.


Bababoom Presale starting on December 1:  


Important areas for a fee.


Tickets bought in advance will be sent via e-mail, you can print and present at the entrance of the festival through the banks "Advance" along with a valid ID (Identity Card ', Passport) The ticket is nominal, while purchasing your computer will try requested data.


Minors camping must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Minors who want to get into camp unaccompanied will need a signed permission from their parents or guardians, and which can be downloaded here.

Ticket office

The entrance fee to the festival and the campsite is also sold at the ticket office of the festival, open from 09 to 03 Ticket sales daily through the banks of the festival will begin each day at 17. They do not include camping


Free admission for children under 12 years and over 65 years. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or have written permission and signed by parents or guardians.

Admission is free for all disabled people with severe motor deficits (in excess of 65% disability, demonstrable with a certificate or health card), for all people with blindness, for the deaf and for disabled persons psychic. It 'will be free admission for one accompanying person if necessary. The companion will receive a single bracelet, which will be non-transferable and will remain within the festival for as long as it remains the person who is providing assistance. Pre-registration for the disabled Send an e-mail to convenzioni@bababoomfestival.it with the scan of your identity document 'and the certificate of disability', health card (percentage equal to or greater than 65%); which together you receive an invitation to the original documents you present to the Case Credits to pick up your ticket.


The entrance to the campsite Camping Area allows the input and to use the services annexes (toilets, showers, etc ..) The campsite is exclusively reserved to subscribers; you must be in possession of a ticket to the festival to buy also the entrance to the campsite. The entrance fee to the festival and the campsite is also sold at the ticket office of the festival. The campsite is free and free.

Ticket refund

Tickets bought in Advance and not 'refundable: The ticket is transferable ONLY making the CHANGE NAME by sending an email to: concerti@bababoomfestival.it. The cancellation of one event NOT entitled to any refund of the ticket. The repayment of the daily ticket (no passes or mini-season tickets) is allowed only in case of cancellation of all shows scheduled for the day.

Ticket collection and expulsion from the festival

The organization reserves the right to withdraw the ticket (no refund) and then eject from the festival those responsible for acts incompatible with the logic of respect (theft in tents, damage to property, drug trafficking, violence, etc.).


No dogs in the area concerts: it will not be allowed to enter the concert. In all areas it is absolutely forbidden access to large dogs and dangerous animals. This is the Dog Beach at 300 meters from the festival. For more information: Ass.cult Bababoom info@bababoomfestival.it 0734440080