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Associate its brand to Bababoom Festival allows contact with an active public and amused.

A heterogeneous target for gender and culture that includes both young and young adults.

Lovers of freedom in the spirit of sharing. Your brand could allow so many people to

excited between music, sea, sport and art in a unique event of its kind.

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It will be back in the district of Marina Palmense to accommodate three football fields, a large portion of the beach and a van area. Many

new partnerships with the realities in the country and not only in view of a festival multifunction networking between cultural realities.

Bababoom Festival Compilation

Bands from all over Italy will perform from late afternoon on stage at the beach during the Bababoom Festival.


A space dedicated to children and their desires games and recreational activities all morning.

Environmental sustainability

Solutions even more effective in achieving an ecological festival.

Bababoom Art Contest 2018

The challenge with brush strokes!

Band Contest 2018

All bands on the national scene

The Bababoom festival in numbers:

12000 Total attendance

3000 daily attendance

80 international artists

60 exhibitors


As every year on the beach since the early afternoon you can select music or sound selector for all concerned.

Also new this year is the sand that will be added to allow more loyal to dance comfortably.

A free console where anyone can sign up and choose the day and time most suitable. The area is under the tent on the beach and will be active from 14:30 to 20. All the crew, the sound, and selecta reggae music are invited to make known their musical tastes. The area is free admission as well as free participation in the yard.

To play music just write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The program of Bababoom festival divided by areas.



Active from 22 to 2 with about every evening two or three bands of great interest.


Active into the night with the main protagonists of dub European and beyond.


Open from 00:30 also with the sounds most popular Italian of 2019


The afternoon at the beach DJ and selector fans reveal their musical tastes.


The painting contest, organized on the opening day of the festival Wednesday, July 13, 2019!


A large area equipped and dedicated to all sports fans as Kite surfing and Surfing!


The contest for emerging bands on the Main stage!


Which hosts the debates and courses from morning until afternoon


The area the morning of the festival dedicated to messages and meditations.


Area available to DJs and singers before big concerts from 20 to 22!


and also

Baby Boom: large area dedicated to children with a parallel programming at the festival.

Market Street: The area dedicated to our local and ethnic restaurants, and craft market and self-productions. Restaurateurs and stalls from all over Europe!

These in many other areas will be present in the edition 2018 of the festival Bababoom, you have already booked the presale? Take advantage of the offer valid until first 100!

6 days of camping including camping just 45 €!


Bababoom kite parkReady to challenge the wind Bababoom Kite Park? 

By partnering with the Association Tribal Kite it is on the spot a large area dedicated to kite surfing, both by sea and by land. Enthusiasts and professionals will create spontaneous demonstrations during the days in the Beach Bababoom reggae festival. Participation is free as the entrance to this area of the festival.

The spontaneous gathering will take place every day and see the participants perform in spectacular performances and exciting competitions.

For information please contact the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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