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Adriano Bono, the historic voice of the Roots in the Cement present on the Mainstand of the Bababoom Festival Tuesday, July 16th.

Author, singer, multi-instrumentalist, event organizer and producer of a thousand musical souls, ring master and lion tamer in Reggae Circus.
In the fall of 2009 he divorced the collective Radici Nel Cemento, the historic band of the Italian reggae-ska-dub scene, of which in 1993 he was the founder, singer and author.
As a soloist ADRIANO BONO has released three albums: -2012- "996 Vol.1", concept-album dedicated to the irreverent and irreverent Roman sonnets of Giuseppe Gioachino Belli-2014- "THE REGGAE CIRCUS" VIDEO: "Gypsy Reggae" --- " La Trapezista "-2016-" REGGAE CARAVAN "VIDEO:" A Via Sannio feat. The Muro Del Canto "The album" Reggae Caravan "was produced by Soundreef, the collectig society alternative to Siae to which Adriano Bono entrusts the collection since 2015 of their own copyright, perhaps the first professional in Italy to make such a choice. Since 2009 he has collaborated with Greenpeace Italia in the creation of various musical singles (No Al Nucleare, I Pazzi Siete Voi, E 'Nell'Aria) in support of various media campaigns, writing manifesto songs together with artists such as Alessandro Mannarino, 99Posse, Radiodervish, Frontal Assaults and many others. Since 2015 he has been the artistic director of the Pé Street - Buskers Festival for Emergency which every year has seen thousands of people cross a Via Dei Fori Imperiali invaded by street artists, curious, supporters, other artists, all in support of Emergency. On the occasion of the first edition in 2015, Adriano Bono publishes a video dedicated to the humanitarian association founded by Gino Strada: "Emergency" He is a pioneer of the Italian ukulelistica scene and the organizer of the BIG UKULELE NIGHT rally. Bicycle maniac (intended as a means of locomotion and lifestyle), follows a predominantly raw vegan diet.


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