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Mahout, the emerging Piedmontese group, opening on the Main stage on Saturday 20 July!

Mahout was born in 2013, in Pinerolo, a small Piedmontese town historically impregnated with reggae and punk subculture, having given birth to the longest-lived reggae band in Italy, Africa Unite, and to one of the shortest and most intense experiences of Italian punk 90s, the Fichissimi. Growing up in such a context, Mahout are formed with the precise intention of merging Jamaican-style reggae with several other influences ranging from funk, soul, garage rock, to Californian punk ska. The result is a sound
fresh and personal, difficult to trace back to a specific genre, constantly swaying between black softness and white harshness.
After an intense live activity at local level, in July 2015 the band publishes the Ep Streetwise Demo. Driven by the single Mexican Border, the album has an unexpected success at the local level, and leads the band to embark on the first tour in the summer of 2016, a tour that sees Mahout playing on important stages throughout northern Italy (Collisioni, Alta Felicità , Dance with wild boars, Rugby Sound Festival, Positive River Festival) and share the stage with the likes of Lee Scratch Perry, Max Romeo, Alborosie, Luciano, Sud Sound
System, The Skints, The Bluebeaters, The Uppertones and many others.
Currently Mahout are finalizing the production of their first full-length album, which will see the light in the autumn of 2018 and in which a change of style with a broader scope is expected. Leaving almost entirely the alt-rock influences of the debut ep, the band is settling towards a very personal upbeat pop soul with strong Jamaican veins.


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